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You have questions and we have answers. At least for the frequently asked kind.

The Apollo ecosystem started as a funding platform for content creators through weekly voting competitions. We are now building on the foundation of that platform to create a gaming ecosystem that rewards both gamers and game creators. The Apollo Moonbase will offer P2E weekly competitions and skill based incentives for players and will evolve into a platform where game creators can showcase their games and engage with a whole new audience.

FTW tokens power the Apollo ecosystem. We started as the Apollo Crypto DAO (APOLLO) and completed a successful migration on 3/13/24 to the FTW token. This token will be used to participate in our gaming ecosystem, compete against other players in skill-based games and acquire other perks and benefits.

$FTW token on Etherscan:  0xBc188B5dbb155B6e

$FTW contract on Etherscan:  0xBc188B5dbb155B6e

Apollo FTW DAO: 0xC21434957227A192

DexTools: ETH/WETH Pair

CoinMarketCap: $FTW Chart

$FTW is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

At this time there is no plan to bridge $FTW to other blockchains.

Some wallets and services may not show the most recent Apollo $FTW token icon (golden logo) or may not show any icon at all. This can be for a variety of reasons from the service not updating, caching old files, or updates sitting in a very long approval queue.

We do our best to get the most current logo distributed to top services.

Note: If you are ever unsure whether you are interacting with the legitimate token then check the token address which is 0xBc188B5dbb155B6e.

Apollo FTW launched on March 13, 2024 with 2 billion FTW tokens created at genesis. 1,122,914,935 tokens were burned after deployment to match the circulating supply of our prior token Apollo Crypto DAO at a ratio of 1:1000. There is currently a circulating supply of 877 million FTW tokens.

This number could change as token migration is completed but will only decrease and never increase.

Currently, Apollo $FTW is only available on Uniswap.

$FTW is not listed on any centralized exchanges (like Coinbase, LBank, etc) and there are not any plans to list on centralized exchanges.

In the spirit of the blockchain and decentralization we believe this is the best choice for Apollo FTW going forward.

You may need to manually add the $FTW token manually to your wallet to see it. Most wallets are getting better at automatically displaying new tokens that are in your wallet, but if you don’t see it a manual addition is necessary. Search for a guide on adding tokens to your preferred wallet; like this “How to add a token to [insert wallet name]”.

The best way to get answers and/or help is to join the Telegram community. Someone from the community or team will help.