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Wrapping Up Our First-Ever Sponsored Contest

Apollo Crypto’s first-ever collaborative contest series, sponsored by Centre, has officially ended. 

After four competitions, spanning the course of three months, it all came down to the All-Stars competition which wrapped up on Monday, December 5. All-Stars winner Kasandra Santos walked away with the first-place prize of $25,000 after submitting not one but TWO winning shoe designs over the course of this contest series (she also took first place in contest 1, qualifying her for the All-Stars round).  

The Centre series’ other winners are as follows:

Nick Reynolds and Austin Torma received second and third place, respectively, in Contest 1. Stephanie Wise took first place in Contest 2, Nicolle Knight took second, and Jesse Woods rounded out the pack in third. Finishing out the general competitions were Suheel Sheikh, Jacob Ostenton, and Matthew Barton who took first, second, and third place respectively in Contest 3.

The goal of any Apollo contest is to find and fund up-and-coming creators, giving them the resources and notoriety they need to help propel their careers to the next level; the Centre contest series was no different. Shoe designers from all over the world competed in these contests, and from them, we got the chance to hear about their future aspirations, and the dreams they want to achieve if given the opportunity. Thanks to the Apollo community, and to all who voted in this contest series, a total of 10 budding shoe designers received career-changing winnings. 

This contest series meant big things for every member of the Apollo community, not simply those in the urban fashion space. This blog post from a few weeks ago demonstrates a few reasons why, but to sum it up: with this sponsored series under our belt, our contest approach, which is marked by transparency, block-chain voting technology, and decentralization, just got even more credible

With the implementation of the free voting system for the All-Stars contest, we also have record-setting voting numbers that will hopefully draw future partnerships. 3,589 vote points were cast in the 6 days of the Centre All-Stars competition  – these numbers are definitely worth bragging about!

So, with that, the Centre Contest series is officially in the books. A huge thank you to the Centre team, who made this collaboration possible, as well as to all contestants and contest voters! 


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