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An Evolved Token for a Competitive Ecosystem

$FTW Token

The Apollo token migration portal is now open. Migrating will take your v1 $APOLLO tokens and replace them with the new v2 $FTW token.

Manual migration will be open for 30-days.

Apollo FTW token

Apollo NFT

The Apollo Team NFT collection is a fun characterization of the core team members that have been working since early 2022 to build utility and value for the Apollo project.

The collection contains up to 356 mint-able NFT cards granting unique access and rewards.

Collect all 11 NFTs
The first person to collect all 11 wins 1 ETH.
Mint a Rare
36 rare NFTs pay out rewards.
NFT holders get special access and abilities in the Moonbase game ecosystem.
Migration Rewards
Hold tokens and NFTs through the migration to receive an airdrop bonus.
Apollo Ted Cloaked Counselor Apollo Tanner Corey Jenkins Hegemony King of the Herd Lady Apollo MJ Metaverse AJ Moonwalker Pup Wrangler DJ Apollo Knight

Apollo is changing the way people play and interact with games through the power of blockchain technology.

Apollo Team

The Apollo core team founders originate from a strange and distant land. They bring with them unusual technology and magik never before seen by our kind.

Matt – @mj_metaverse
A guy who cares deeply about gaming, innovation and the future.

Zack – @apollo_ted
The man, the myth, the blockchain legend.

Apollo Ted