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Almost every crypto community uses Discord to communicate with members. As a tool, the Apollo Server has been critical in communicating information and growing our base, but that likely can be said for most large servers. 

So, what sets our server apart from the rest? Well, really, it’s you. The individuals that comprise our community make it what it is. 

Connection beyond the casual is commonplace here, as it should be. 

The Apollo Army and Discord server members are unlike any group out there. The support you all show to our contestant creators each week leaves impacts that go far beyond the bounds of their contest dates, and the welcome that you extend to new members is what keeps people coming back for more. 

We are grateful for the culture we get to cultivate because of those already involved, and as the Discord community continues to grow the limits of what can be done in it also only increase. 

Creator contestants have found a home in our Discord that has impacted their creative abilities and their sense of support. Omar Nasr, the Season 1 All-Star winner who received over $50,000 from his time in our contest series, said that he feels he is “a real part of the Apollo community, [and] very attached to it.” This sentiment can only be produced through genuine support from members who let their passion drive them to action as ours do.


  • Our Discord has 1,095 members 
  • We post Army Missions and social media updates regularly
  • We host voice chat hangouts for users to connect quickly

Our community begins in spaces like our Discord server, but where it ends has yet to be seen.  

With our Season 2 Contest Series already underway, creators have already begun interacting with our server members. The conversations and connections are ramping up daily!

If you aren’t yet a member of our Discord server, click here to join the party. It’s really something special, and you won’t want to miss it.


  • Click here for the community tab with links to our other social media sites, where the interaction continues!
  • Check out our Season 2 Creator Contest here. Voting has already started! 
  • Invite your friends to join our Discord server. Don’t let them miss this!


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