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The End of Another Contest Brings New Winners!

Creator Contest Season 2: Contest 2 wrapped up yesterday, October 3rd, and presented three new creators with prize money as well as a place in the Season 2 All-Stars Creator Contest happening in just a few weeks!

Musician Preston Wallace won first place, followed by culinary and skincare influencer Elizabeth Hall in second place and musician J’Kai Jones in third. Congratulations to our three finalists, and a huge thank you to each of the seven incredibly talented creators who participated in Contest 2! We are so excited to see where each of you go from here!

Another huge thank you to all in the Apollo community who voted in this contest, shared about the creators they most wanted to win, and interacted via Discord, the Instagram LIVE session, and other social media platforms. These contests are impacting real creators because of the hard work you each put in.

Contest Overview:

✅ Creator Contest #15
🎨 7 Creators
🗳 108 Community Voters
🏆 3 Winning creators
💰 $3,409.98 in prizes awarded

Preston Wallace’s Entry – First Place

My name is Preston Wallace aka PUZZLE. I have built a successful career in music living in the Bahamas. Ever since I came on the music scene as a fresh up and coming teenager in the 90’s I paraded the countries indigenous Rake’n Scape music to the forefront of the Caribbean culture. Since releasing my first song “Sour Vibes” I have crafted beautiful written pieces in many genres such as Pop, R&B and EDM to name a few; as a producer composer and record label owner. (Puzzle Entertainment Bahamas) As a gifted storyteller , I have harvests inspiration from my beautiful island and it’s unique culture. Although I’ve made my mark as an artist in the Caribbean my ultimate goal is to be an inspiration to up and coming artist and to put the Bahamas on the global map of awesome music.

If I win the funds will be used to expand my global reach and help develop new artist, permitting the world to experience Bahamian culture through music.

Elizabeth Hall’s Entry – 2nd Place

Hello! I am Elizabeth, the owner of Curtis & Jade Tallow. Dynamics have changed over the past two years for my family which led me to looking for a way to help provide financially for my family while still being the main caretaker of my children. I purchase beef fat from a local rancher who raises his cattle on biblical standards, 100% grass fed and pasture raised. I believe in a head to tail philosophy never wasting a part of an animal that has given its life for man to prosper. I use the beef fat that many would discard and render then purify it into tallow. I use that tallow to make things like lip balm, soap, shampoo bars, face cream, and my top sellers deodorant and tallow balm. My son has suffered with a skin condition his entire life. After tallow cleared up his skin in less than two weeks I knew I never wanted to be without it. Which led me to making tallow balm. I gifted it to friends and family that I knew could benefit from it as well. Word spread that kids who had eczema were finally finding relief with my products which made me realize that this was exactly where God would have me to not only help others but to provide for my family.

If I were to win this creators contest I would use the money to invest more into my business. To be able to start my dream of growing medicinal herbs that I would infuse into my oils to make other products and purchase better equipment for making the products I currently offer. I have big goals with my business and having the funds to invest in myself would make those goals more attainable. 

J’Kai Jones’s Entry – 3rd Place

What’s up everyone, my name is J’kai and I am a Dallas based artist. I am entering the Apollo Creator Contest because I recognize this is an incredible opportunity for independent artists to showcase their work and earn funding. I feel blessed for this opportunity. Music is my life and I put my heart and soul into my songs. In my video below you can find out more about me and get a preview of my song WYNE now streaming. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work!

If I win the funds will be used to further my music career so I can support myself making music full-time. Additionally, I am working on producing a music video and several other creative projects around my music.

Apollo Creator Contest

The Apollo Creator Contest is our way to give back and support creators. Each week, creators of all kinds—artists, musicians, writers, poets, etc—enter the Creator Contest. Apollo Community members vote for their favorite Creator and the winning creator receives the prize wallet to fund their passion.

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