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Season 2 General Contests End With a Bang!

The second season of Apollo Creator Contests, barring the Season 2 All Stars Contest that is still to come, is complete! Three new creators were chosen during Season 2 Contest 4, and have received funding – photographer/filmmaker Adeel Shabir won first place, followed very closely by musician James Hepburn in second place, and pixel artist Homayun Faridi in third.

Congratulations to all three winners, who have each received the opportunity to move on to the All Stars Contest later this month, and thank you to all seven creators that participated, as well as to all who voted!

Adeel Shabir’s Entry – 1st Place

Hi! I am Adeel Shabir! I am a Photographer/Filmmaker. Since a very young age, I have built up a passion for taking photos and making videos. I love watching movies and getting inspired by these amazing film directors creating these masterpieces of movies. Photography is something that I love the most because it captures the moment and I can look back at them and feel the same moment over and over again.

I love to travel. I would definitely travel and make more amazing videos and take photos. I always wanted to travel to Iceland and capture those black sand beaches and mountains with waterfalls. Iceland has always been a dream and with Apollo, I am hoping it will come true. Also, I’ll be upgrading my gear for the travels.

James Hepburn’s Entry – 2nd Place

Hi Everyone! This is James and he’s a musician, writer, record producer, artist and CEO of his own record label, Whiteroad Productions . James has been in the music industry for a long time now, some 25 plus years. He has travelled the world to work with some great artists and musicians globally. Music is truly the joy of James’ life besides his family and loved ones. Creating beautiful melodie’s and motifs that touch people’s hearts, and move others emotions is the life blood the drives the consistent passion that keeps James going. James released his first solo album in 2014 entitled “The Way, The Truth, The life” that was enjoyed by people world wide. James has also worked with Grammy winning producers and artist such Arron Lindsey, Jabari Johnson, Phillip Lassiter, Cece Winans and many others. Now, James is looking expand his record label and catalogue in order to reach a broader demographic of people and help new artists develop their gifts and talents to take to the world. James would be truly grateful for your vote in helping him win this weeks Apollo competition and pushing him into the Allstars competition. Just remember Vote for James!

If I were to win the funds I would use them to sign and develop new artists for Whiteroad Productions, our record label.

Homayun Faridi’s Entry- 3rd Place

My name is Homayun Faridi, 21 years old, and I am a Pixel Artist from Iran. Before picking up Pixel Art and realizing my passion for it, I used to do a variety of styles on my adventure of figuring out my artistic taste. Being an artist from a third-world country has many cons; We do not get much support, and most artists struggle financially as well as mentally due to many obstacles and difficulties that come with trying to live off your art. Even so, I always thrive to be the best I can be, with all of the difficulties on my way.

If I win, the funds will be used to rent a place near my university. I am hundreds of kilometers away from my university, which means I have to spend hours on the road almost every single day, and this fact won’t let me spend nearly as enough time on my projects. Also, I really, REALLY, need to get some people to help me with my projects. I’m handling everything by myself, so some helping hands would be cool! Thankfully, my setup and workspace is already upgraded to the point that I don’t face any difficulties, so I might be able to help someone with their workspace, helping them reach their peak potential.

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