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Season 1: All-Stars Winner Goes To…

Apollo all stars winner omar nasr

And the votes are in… 🥁 The Apollo All-Stars Creator Contest has come to an end with the final round, capping off the first season. A big congratulations goes out to musician Omar Nasr, the winner of Apollo Season 1 All-Stars Contest! It is very exciting for the Apollo community to see Omar use his funds to give back to the community and support his musical dreams. Congrats Omar!  

In the spirit of the Apollo Community, we would like to thank all the contestants who made it into the All-Stars contest. Over the last few weeks, each of you has made incredible progress and we believe that you all have shown the world a winner. Thanks to everyone’s participation and votes, this week’s All-Stars finale was a huge success. For a complete list of contest entries, click here.

Now that All-Stars are over, you’re probably wondering what’s next? Glad you asked. For all you sneakerheads out there, Apollo is launching a special edition contest! So If you’re an aspiring shoe designer, this is your chance to be seen by a supportive creative community that can help you take your design career to the next level. Get ready! The contest begins Sept 12–Nov 21. Click here for more details. 

Contest Overview:

✅ Season 1: All-Stars Contest
🎨 12 Creators
🗳 1,595 Community Voters
🏆 1 Winning creator
💰 $32,978.60 (1.895 Billion Apollo Tokens) Prize

Omar Nasr’s Entry

As Coelho once noted, ships are safest at port and yet they spend their life traveling seas. Two years ago, I woke up and decided to choose adventure over stability, heart over mind, and risk over safety. I was teaching Math when I decided to quit and risk it all to pursue my dream of becoming a singer. I now have 6 released songs, with a total of 33 million TikTok views, 8 million YouTube Views, and 3 million Anghami streams. Three of my songs hit top Anghami charts in the MENA region and one song was trending on YouTube Music. My latest project is an album I am preparing called “Omar’s Originals”. I have finished two songs for my upcoming album since I happily won in Apollo last month. Four more songs to go!

Apollo gave me more than I expected and it is time I give back to its community. In case I win, I will be giving away a 10,000$ in Apollo to ten people who vote for me through a public raffle. That is a 1000$ prize to each winner! If I win this time, we all win. The remaining sum will be used to further fund my album “Omar’s Originals”, with a twist!! As you know, I was planning on doing only 6 lyric videos for the 6 songs. But in case I win this time, I will be filming a music video for one song in my album. Which song will it be? The Apollo community will decide! Yes! I will release the 6 lyrics videos and conduct a poll on Apollo’s Telegram where the community will choose the song they think would be best turned into a music video. I will also be able to broadcast the music video in three major TV channels in the MENA region, crediting Apollo all the way through as a Main supporter for my album. So in brief: a 10k giveaway to the community, a music video chosen by the community, and a marketing campaign to help expand the community.

Apollo Creator Contest

The Apollo Creator Contest is our way to give back and support creators. Each week, creators of all kinds—artists, musicians, writers, poets, etc—enter the Creator Contest. Apollo Community members vote for their favorite Creator and the winning creator receives the prize wallet to fund their passion.

Visit the Apollo Creator Contest site to check out the contests and creators.


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