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Introducing: The Free Vote

You asked, and we listened. The Apollo Development Team is so excited to announce an upgrade to our voting system that will allow for more eyes on contestants, more voting engagement, and more opportunities for contest sponsors. What is this big change, you may ask? It’s the free vote.

The free vote allows non-Apollo holders the chance to show their support for creators in the contest before becoming a token holder. What they will give is their email, which allows us future chances to interact with these new voters, who may be complete crypto-novices, or just new to the Apollo community. In exchange for their email, these users can cast a 1x vote for their favorite creator. Simple as that. 

We expect this development to positively impact every party. It will allow creators to garner support, and more votes, from their entire audience, not just those who are crypto-savvy. It will allow these free voters to support the creators they love, and provide them with information about our project and how they can further get involved. It will allow the Apollo project to be viewed by a much broader audience, which could eventually lead to more holders and more members joining our community.

Each Apollo holder vote will be multiplied by 10x, so there is still a great advantage to holding Apollo in terms of vote weight, but this change will be a positive step toward gaining a larger audience. Also, only holders get to participate in end-of-season giveaways like our POAP raffle.

Prepare to see this feature in all upcoming Apollo contests starting on November 29th with the Centre finals, and be sure to share this news with anyone in your circle not yet involved in Apollo. Now, there are literally zero barriers to entry for new users/voters!

To vote in the current Centre Finals Contest, click here

Also, check out our latest Youtube video, announcing the free vote system!


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