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Instagram Lives With Creators – You’re NOT Gonna Want to Miss These!

The Apollo project is centered around community engagement, collaboration, and transparency. The value of the Apollo community being in close contact with the creators they are voting for is impossible to overstate – not only does it help the creators to gain more attention and further support their career, but it also allows you as the voter to know who you are voting for and just how impactful your vote will be to the life and career of these creators.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to connect to our creators is through the Instagram Live “ask me anything” events that are hosted for each contest. In these events, creators hop on to a live video feed and share who they are, how they become involved in their medium, what they see coming next for them, and so much more!

Every Instagram Live is packed with creator collaboration, viewer-generated questions being answered, and entertaining moments that you have to be watching to take part in (what can we say, our creators know how to have a good time!)

Historically, the creators that take part in interacting with the Apollo community, via AMA sessions or other avenues have seen greater success in the contest results. Their connection to voters leads to a better voting turnout, as well as support from the community that extends far beyond the length of their individual contest. This long-term community support is something that sets our Apollo voters apart from “fair-weather” or “convenience-factor” supporters. 

Each Instagram Live is scheduled through collaboration with the creators involved to ensure the greatest possible attendance from them, and the date/time of each is announced across our social media sites, most specifically on Instagram and Discord

Keep your eyes peeled for the next one, and make sure you’re watching and sending in any questions you’d like our creators to answer! These Live events are as much for you as they are for the creators, allowing you to get to know the people you will be voting for! Make the most of them!


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