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If You’re Not in the Apollo Discord, You Should Be

The Apollo Discord server has been brought up a lot lately. And for good reason. Apollo’s Discord is the best place to go for contest details, interaction with creators, Apollo leadership, and other Apollo holders, as well as information and announcements. With over 1,000 members, there is never a shortage of users to reach out to. 

With channels for general announcements, a place to pitch ideas and give feedback, and even a channel for creators to collaborate on ideas and projects, we want the Discord server to be a place where information flows and connections are made. That vision is being brought to life daily, and with more users being added the possibilities continue to grow. 

Recently the Discord has also begun to host voice channel hangouts, where Apollo leaders and moderators go to directly connect with token holders. In these voice channel hangouts, we touch on anything from industry news, to contest updates, to even discussing the things we’re having for lunch. The range of conversation topics is only limited by those who decide to join in. 

While our communities on all social media sites are vital to Apollo’s development, our Discord is where members become a true unit. If you haven’t already joined, it’s time to ask yourself why. Here’s the link to fix that. 

If you’re already in the Discord, here’s what you can do to ensure it remains a must-visit destination:

  1. Our analytics reveal that over 90% of members joined after being invited by a friend. Use our Discord link, send it to anyone you think should join, and get them in there.
  2. Make sure to stay engaged. New conversations happen multiple times a day. Don’t miss out on the fun! Would you make a commitment to personally post or contribute two times a day??
  3. Welcome new members! If you see someone who looks new, make sure that when they enter they are welcomed in a way that makes them want to stay.


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