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How Crypto Tokens Can Support Creatives

How Crypto Tokens Can Support Creatives

The idea of using decentralized technology in the creative space has been gaining traction in recent years. That’s why music artists like Lupe Fiasco, Gramatik and Pitbull have become strong advocates for implementing decentralized technologies and utilizing smart contracts across the music industry. These artists see it as a way to promote freedom over control and a way to efficiently release music, streamline royalty payments and establish a point of origin for creatives and promote creator discovery. 

In the past, creatives have had to rely on a handful of gatekeepers to bring their work to the masses. Web 3.0 and cryptocurrency has as its backbone the concepts of accessibility, transparency and innovation. Thanks to the power of the blockchain and crypto tokens, creatives can now connect directly with their fans and supporters, without having to go through intermediaries. And because these tokens can be traded or exchanged for other services and products, they provide a new way for creatives to monetize their work. From digital artists selling crypto-collectibles to musicians releasing songs on a blockchain-based platform, there are endless ways for creatives to use crypto tokens to fund and promote their work. 

But that’s just one side of the proverbial coin … ahem token. 

As with all new technologies, it takes time to normalize. As of this posting, the world is in a bear market with crypto having volatile swings. It’s to be expected. Some of the biggest names and entities like Mark Cuban and Bank of America are on the record as being proponents of crypto while also admitting that the tokens and platforms that survive will be the ones that have the greatest utility.

That utility is the area Apollo has been working so hard on. And it’s where it separates itself from other tokens by its unique approach. Just like other occupations, creative excellence comes through hours of experience. Having to break from creative exploration to work side jobs to make the rent are a detour on the trajectory a creator needs to get to the next level. BUT WHAT IF a creative person could secure significant funding that allowed them the time and means to take their vision to the next level. That’s the spirit behind creating Apollo Crypto. It’s built as a community-run DAO and token to support and fund creatives to achieve their goals through a weekly contest where creators can introduce themselves to the growing Apollo community (Over 4000 strong as of this posting) and where the community votes on the creator they want to see receive funding. Every week a new contest where the creator, the token holder and the community all benefit from new creators and new voters participating. With 8 contests successfully launched, the idea is catching on with corporate-sponsored specialized contests soon to be announced to inspire specific creations and fundraise for significant projects like feature films. That’s the kind of usefulness and utility this industry needs. That’s the utility Apollo has proven it can deliver. 

A speaker at BofA’s recent Web3 & Digital Assets conference summed it up nicely: “some of the most innovative projects were built during previous downturns in the market. Recent declines, while painful, are likely healthy for the ecosystem’s development over the long term.” That makes this a promising time to grab a stake in what Apollo’s building. At a minimum, you should learn more about what we’re doing

The Apollo community is committed to supporting creatives and their next big idea. A portion of every purchase, sale, and trade of Apollo Crypto goes toward a Creator Prize Fund. With every contest, the Apollo community votes on which creators to fund and the winners get the funding to support them. Reward your community and build deeper and more meaningful relationships with your supporters. Get your Apollo token and join the groundswell of creative thinkers, makers, and doers.


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