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Ellen Frautschi Takes the Lead in Creator Contest #11!

Ellen Frautschi Apollo Crypto Creator Contest

And… That’s a wrap! Ellen Frautschi takes the lead in this week’s Creator Contest #11! Congratulations to Ellen Frautschi on her big win! The passion Ellen has for painting and drawing makes her a true artist at heart. It’s amazing what she can accomplish with oil paints and wood burning. The Apollo Community is super excited to see how you plan to use your winnings to help fund your upcoming Christmas ornament release! This week’s contest was a great success thanks to all the creators and voters!

Contest Overview:

✅ Creator Contest #11
🎨 8 Creators
🗳 153 Community Voters
🏆 1 Winning creator
💰 $9,364.61 (380.1M Apollo Tokens) Prize

Ellen Frautschi’s Entry

Growing up in a more rural part of Louisiana I have always loved nature and marveling at what God has made for us. I create to fulfill the space in me that needs to bring ideas to life. I love searching for patterns in nature and seeing how they connect with one another. Painting allows those connections to be altered and made new. I love the flexibility painting and drawing bring. My art’s intention is to bring glory and joy to the viewer. For the last couple of years, I have mainly been working in a mixed medium of oil paints with wood burning. There is something so wonderfully crafty about combining wood-burning and oil paints that I find truly exciting.

If I was to win the Creators Contest I would use a portion of the funds to create a special release of Christmas ornaments for 2022! They will be wood-burned, painted, and individualistic. It has been a dream of mine to be able to create collections through paintings, prints, and other sweet goods that can bring joy to any space. I also plan to keep some Apollo coins, further the contest of budding artists, and continue trying my hand in crypto.

Apollo Creator Contest

The Apollo Creator Contest is our way to give back and support creators. Each week, creators of all kinds—artists, musicians, writers, poets, etc—enter the Creator Contest. Apollo Community members vote for their favorite Creator and the winning creator receives the prize wallet to fund their passion.

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