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Creator Contest #9: Abstract Artist Elizabeth Grace Wins $9,089.71

Elizabeth Grace - Apollo Crypto Creator Contest

After coming in close on four previous creator contests, Abstract Artist Elizabeth Grace picks up the win for Creator Contest #9. Congratulations to Elizabeth on the win and the Apollo Community looks forward to seeing how you use the winnings to help you get your art out into the world! A huge thank you to all the creators and votes that participated in the contest this week.

Contest Overview:

✅ Creator Contest #9
🎨 8 Creators
🗳 129 Community Voters
🏆 1 Winning creator
💰 $9,089.71 (355.9M Apollo Tokens) Prize

Elizabeth Grace’s Entry

Hello everybody! My name is Elizabeth Grace, I’m a 21 years old, self taught artist from the south. My favorite art styles to paint are psychedelic surrealism, impressionism, and abstract paintings. Some personal favorite mediums to use are oil paints, epoxy pour paints and occasionally acrylics. Like most young artists, I grew up watching Bob Ross and one day decided to start painting. Most of my paintings are inspired by various things I’ve seen throughout my various travels and adventures. I often paint them as bright and vibrant as possible since this is the way I choose to see the world and express this through my art.

With the funding from the Apollo contest, I could afford to rent a loft downtown where I can display my collection of paintings from the last few years. Currently I have more paintings in my apartment than I can store. Most have been tucked under my bed and placed in my closets. I would also use some of the funding to keep my oil paints and canvases replenished, as the higher quality ones run a little pricy. Producing paintings and running my own little gallery where people can both view and purchase some of my works has always been a dream of mine. Please do consider voting for me, so I can keep creating new art for my friends, family, patrons, and finally have my own little space to showcase and sell my works. Elizabeth Grace ❤ 💋

Apollo Inu Creator Contest #5 – Elizabeth Grace – Abstract Artist/Painter 🎨

Apollo Creator Contest

The Apollo Creator Contest is our way to give back and support creators. Each week, creators of all kinds—artists, musicians, writers, poets, etc—enter the Creator Contest. Apollo Community members vote for their favorite Creator and the winning creator receives the prize wallet to fund their passion.

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