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Creator Contest #8: Painter Lana Johnson Wins $12,510.83

Lana Johnson - Apollo Crypto Creator Contest

Artist and owner of Come Alive Studio, Lana Johnson, picks up the win for contest #8. Lana was up against seven other talented creators in week 8, and pulled ahead on the last day to finish strong. Congratulations, Lana! The Apollo Community is excited to watch you take you take your creative career to the next level.

A special thank you to all of the creators and voters that participated in Creator Contest #8!

Contest Overview:

✅ Creator Contest #8
🎨 8 Creators
🗳 151 Community Voters
🏆 1 Winning creator
💰 $12,510.83 (397.3M Apollo Tokens) Prize

Lana Johnson’s Entry

I am Lana Johnson, artist and owner of Come Alive Studio. I have been a visual artist since I learned to hold a crayon. I studied Studio Art in college where I focused on oil painting but in recent years I have been a self-taught watercolor painter. Nature and process have always been the center of my inspiration. My hope is to create art that manifests the beauty and intricacies of the earth. In a world where we often look from one thing to the next to fulfill our wants and needs, I strive to create art out of the discarded, overlooked, and fleeting objects of everyday life. My desire is not to add to the consumerism of our culture, but instead create beautiful, timeless, and useful artwork that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Winning the prize money would literally change the trajectory of my creative career! I would use the money wisely and in several ways. I am passionate about our everyday objects being not just functional, but also beautiful. For the last FIVE years I have worked on an idea for a children’s matching game that is both gorgeous and educational while also being fun! I have hit many roadblocks along the way to get this game into production (moved internationally four times, had two kids, and, oh yeah, a pandemic!), but not having the financial means up front to make it happen has been my biggest hurdle. The funds from the Apollo Creator Contest would be the perfect avenue to help me finally get a beautiful matching game made from my artwork in the hands of parents who want their children to have beautiful toys to play with! Art shouldn’t be limited to the walls of our homes, it should be intertwined in our everyday lives. I would love your vote to help me make this dream a reality!

Apollo Creator Contest – Lana Johnson

Apollo Creator Contest

The Apollo Creator Contest is our way to give back and support creators. Each week, creators of all kinds—artists, musicians, writers, poets, etc—enter the Creator Contest. Apollo Community members vote for their favorite Creator and the winning creator receives the prize wallet to fund their passion.

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