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Coming Soon: Promotion

The Apollo development team is currently in discussions with a few groups that can help improve our crypto-centric marketing and promotions strategy. As we know (especially in this challenging market) there are no ‘silver bullets’ that garner attention and build trust… but we feel there are still opportunities to reach potential holders who care about real projects that deliver. 

This means running targeted test campaigns in areas like social media growth, listings on crypto / DAO sites, and pursuing marketing on trusted industry sites. To date, most of the marketing / PR efforts have been centered around creators and their fans via traditional online media and campaigns. We have seen some real wins in bringing people completely new to crypto into the project, but it’s time to focus on the ones who are already highly engaged in the space. 

These tests will empower us to know what strategies are effective and which are not as effective, and will ultimately serve to prepare us for the inevitable end of the crypto winter. By performing these tests now, our aim is to be prepared when the winter dies thaw to jump onto marketing opportunities that will hopefully result in more growth/success for this project. 

Another update we have been researching is centered on the idea that people want to try before they buy. That is why we are also working on new ways for people who haven’t yet purchased Apollo to get involved and be part of the excitement of the contests. 

This change allows contestants to involve all of their followers, not just the ones who have already bought into crypto or specifically Apollo. This will be similar to the uber-successful “free to play” approach used by the most successful games on the market. 

This new voting method will allow non-Apollo-holders to vote for their desired contestant after watching a video about who Apollo is and what we do, and their vote will count for 1x. Apollo holder votes will account for 10x of a vote, with their votes holding much more weight because they are contributors to the Apollo community.

The best and most valuable experience will always be for those who own Apollo, but we feel it’s important for people curious about Apollo to get a taste of the action.


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