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Apollo Token Hits Record 4,000 Holders


When you’re building something new, it’s important to celebrate achievements. That’s why Apollo is pleased to announce that the Apollo Inu token has just surpassed 4,000 holders! While we’re ultimately on a march toward the significant milestone of 10,000 holders, this week’s achievement is a solid reminder of the utility and value the Apollo token holds. Thanks to everyone who has joined us since the token was publicly released in January 2022.

At the heart of Apollo was the idea that creators make the world a more beautiful place and that today’s emerging, equitable and transparent technologies could be used for a greater good. To date, Apollo has successfully run 4 creator contests redistributing $40,000 from the DAO into the hands of an eclectic group of creators. Our weekly contests give creators a chance to win a meaningful prize to help them make a career out of their passion. The integrity, community and transparency that Apollo is built upon marries creativity with structure and innovation that is GREAT for Apollo holders too. More holders, more contestants, more voters, more community = more portfolio VALUE and long-term growth potential for investors!

If you are already a part of what Apollo’s doing, we celebrate your participation. Please continue to spread the Apollo message with your networks by sharing what Apollo’s doing and inviting creators to participate in an upcoming contest. If you’re not yet part of the group, we hope you’ll seriously consider buying Apollo right now.

5,000 holders here we come.


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