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Apollo x March Madness: 640 Million APOLLO token raffle

The Apollo team will be giving away 640M in $APOLLO prizes to 5 lucky winners in our Apollo March Madness promotion!

It’s that time of year again when we lace up our shoes, build our brackets, and take power naps to be pumped and alert for every gameβ€”March Madness.

NGL, there are some die-hard basketballers in the Apollo team and Community.

To celebrate (possibly) the greatest game invented we have something special for Apollo members.

The Apollo team is hosting a competition for anyone to enter (don’t worry, no physical skills or activity involved). The event will raffle 640,000,000 APOLLO tokens to 5 lucky winners. Enter by purchasing and holding APOLLO tokens between March 16–April 1 to be entered into the raffle. Each token counts as 1 raffle entry. Nice!

Winners will be randomly selected after the end date.

How to Participate πŸ€

  1. Purchase new $APOLLO tokens
  2. Hold from March 16 through April 1
  3. 5 winners will be randomly selected on April 3rd

Enter by purchasing APOLLO on Uniswap.

Apollo Madness Details & Rules πŸ“˜

  • The Apollo team will be giving away 640M in $APOLLO prizes to 5 lucky winners in our Apollo Madness promotion!
  • Qualifying participants must purchase new APOLLO tokens and HODL from March 16th through April 1st.
  • Only $APOLLO purchased and held between these dates will be counted as entries into the promotion.
    • $APOLLO purchased prior to the promotion start date (3/16/23) will not qualify as entry into the promotion.
    • Each token (1 $APOLLO) counts as 1 raffle entry.
    • Each $APOLLO that was purchased between the promotional dates less any amounts (new or old) sold will count as entries into the raffle.
      • Ex. If participant β€˜A’ buys 100M $APOLLO on 3/17, then sells 50M $APOLLO on 3/19, they would only have 50M qualifying entries into the contest.
  • The contest ends at midnight (12p CDT) on 4/1/2023
  • 5 winners will be randomly selected from the entrants on 4/3/2023
    • The first-place winner will receive 240,000,000 APOLLO tokens
    • The four subsequent winners will receive 100,000,000 APOLLO tokens each
    • Winners will be announced and notified on 4/3/2023

Let the Games Begin 🏁

Questions, comments, concerns? Reach out to the team on Twitter or Discord.


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