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Apollo Goes Front + Centre

A valuable project is one that has increasing utility. 


Apollo took a significant leap forward this week going front and “centre,” as it announced a partnership and multi-part contest with Dallas-based Centre

Centre is a Texas-based premium athletic retailer that is focused on supporting and enriching local communities. For nearly 15 years it’s proudly promoted the most progressive activewear and footwear, and is now looking to expand its reach using the Apollo contest platform. Beginning September 13th, Centre will be hosting 3 contests to find and fund undiscovered shoe designer talent. This announcement was made by Centre co-founder Nick Sunderman, and Apollo’s Matt Johnson, earlier this month.

The Apollo contest platform was recognized by Centre for its proven decentralization and sustainable funding mechanisms that have been proven out over the past 12 weeks. The Apollo approach was also appealing because of its transparency and self-governance. Once again, token holders will decide what content they want to reward, which puts a spotlight on creators who are resonating with a wide audience. 

A lot of big names and go-getters have come together to form this partnership that helps to validate the utility and business value of Apollo. This is the beginning of the wide-spread reach the Apollo contest platform and tokenomics can have for purpose-driven brands. Here’s to this dynamic team for putting their talents together for what is sure to be a winning combination!  

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