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Apollo Branding Update

The Apollo Crypto project is a decentralized organization. As such, we listen to what our community has to say very closely. Well, the Apollo community has spoken…

With the recent growth that the Apollo project has seen, new ideas have been presented for how we can improve, and we at Apollo are always looking for ways we can improve our token and the user experience for both coin holders and Creators alike. One overarching suggestion from our holders was the need to evolve the brand to better represent Creators.

Following several suggestions from our holders to evolve the brand to better represent Creators, the Apollo team has completed a full branding update. This update includes a new name and logo – Apollo Inu will now be referred to as Apollo Crypto DAO, and now sports an entirely new look:

The goal of this update is to better represent the utility and purpose of the token while separating us from the meme coin space. Here is a more in-depth discussion and behind-the-scenes look at the design evolution that went into our new brand identity. 

Our website and social media handles have also been updated to represent this change and can be found here:


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