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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Career as a Creator

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Career as a Creator

Apollo’s mission is to help creators close the gap between inspiration and income.

Being an artist can mean different things to different people. Some might reserve the title for the fine arts– painting, music, theater–while others’ definitions might be as shifting and wide-ranging as our ever-evolving digital landscape. No matter what you choose to call yourself, there are five important actions you can take to hit the ground running in your career as a creator.

  1. Enter To Win Apollo Crypto’s Weekly Creator Contest
    The biggest hurdle towards sustaining a full-time career as a creator is often financial. The adage  “you have to spend money to make money” comes to mind (and, unfortunately, holds up). But what if you don’t have a safety net to fund your dream career? You’re not alone if you’re struggling to find the money for your next project. Data released by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Bureau of Economic Analysis showed that “between 2019 and 2020, the U.S. arts economy shrank at nearly twice the rate of the economy as a whole.” This lack of financial security is one reason why Apollo launched the weekly Creator Contest, which pays in Apollo Crypto tokens and is voted upon by the Apollo Crypto community. Contest winnings have averaged at least  $10,000, and you can continue to participate until you win. There are also plans for winners to participate in advanced contests for higher prize amounts soon. 

  1. Strengthen Your Creator Community
    Being a creator in our online era can be isolating. Content creators such as writer and YouTuber Dr. Faisal Jamshaid have written about the lonely nature of content creation, and specific studies have shown that as high as 90% of creators experience burnout. Apollo’s Creator Contest is here to help. The Apollo community that votes weekly for the Creator Contest includes creators. Participating in the Creator Contest allows you to showcase your work to a new audience and build connections with fellow artists. The Apollo Crypto community is vibrant and passionate about creation and connection. With groups on Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Instagram, Apollo’s community believes as wholeheartedly in the Apollo token as they do the creators they support. A close-knit creator community is a significant asset in providing mentorship opportunities and industry connections.

  1. Bolster Your Online Presence
    Living in a digital world means having a digital identity. Whether or not you intend for people to view your work online, potential customers are all over the internet. If someone sees your art online and wants to explore it more, they’ll need to be able to find you. That’s why having a solid social media presence is essential as a content creator. A digital presence can also help make you accessible to other creators who want to collaborate or connect with you.

  1. Create A Devoted Workspace
    During the pandemic, we learned that living and working out of the same space can be taxing. Meals, business, and rest all occupying the same room muddied the line between work and play. Suddenly, answering an email at 11 pm didn’t seem so bad. But having a dedicated space to conduct your work does wonders to foster productivity. Every creator should prioritize having a dedicated workspace for their craft. If you can, devote an entire room to your creative endeavors. If that’s not an option, smaller spaces work just as well. If there’s no physical space you can carve out, save a specific time of day for creative work. This way, you’re still separating your creative work from the rest of your tasks, albeit differently.

  1. Budget Your Time (And Money!)
    Finally, as is with any endeavor requiring finite resources, budgeting is key. Whether those resources be your money, your time, or both, keeping a steadfast schedule of how and when to use them will prevent you from burning out. Creating a work plan will ensure you’re keeping up a consistent pace and help you steadily reach your goals. Stability can be hard to establish, and budgeting is critical in preventing financial or personal setbacks. If you’re looking at your budget and think it could use some help, enter the Apollo Creator Contest for a chance to fund your next or current creative project.

Apollo’s Creator Contest is genuine and devoted to creators. With an ever-growing creator-focused community, Apollo’s Creator Contest might be essential in getting your work off the ground. Apply to the Creator Contest here


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